The Acts of Parliament

By kanejl
  • Quarantining Act

  • Writs of Assistance

  • French and Indian war

  • Albany Plan of Union

  • Poantics War

    In 1763-1766, the native americans were unhappy about the british postwar policies, so they attacked. 8 forts were destroyed, and hundreds of britons were killed or captured. It was named the Pontiac War after the leader of the native american tribe.
  • Proclimation of 1763

  • Currency Act

    The currency act of 1764 was a law passed by the parliament on September 1st to control the printing and use of money, to appease british merchants, and reduce national debt. The colonists suffered from a shortage of money, and they didn't do anything about it.
  • Policy of non-importation

  • Committees of correspondence

    A committee of people sent letters to one another, talking about british rules. But, every time they criticized british law, they were breaking the law. More committees like this formed, and Parliament was getting upset. After a while, in 1764, they made free speech legal, and everyone was happy.
  • Sugar Act

  • Stamp Act

  • Sons of Liberty

  • Daughters of Liberty

  • Townshend Act

  • Boston Massacure

  • Tea Act

  • Boston Tea Party

  • Coricive Acts

  • Qubec Act

    The quebec act was was passed on june 22, 1774. The purpose was to establish religious freedom, and extend the quebec boundaries. However, some colonists had already moved into the area, so it wasn't a huge deal.
  • Continential Congress

  • New England Restraining Act

  • Lexington and Concord

  • Second Continential Congress

  • The battle of Bunker hill

  • Restraining act

  • Continental Army

  • Olive Branch Petition

  • Prohibitary Act

  • Battle of Quebec

    This happened on December 31, 1775. The battle of quebec was a mainly a problem between the british kingdom and its 13 colonies. The british won.
  • Decloration of Independence

  • Milita