the 7th grade social studies

  • Period: 500 to

    Early Cilvilzation to civil war

    ongoing timeline project 7th frade Social Studies at Sfa
  • Jan 1, 600

    Mayan Civilization

    The Mayan Civilization lives in southern mexico. They built cities and temples. The civilization dissapeared because lack of resorces.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    leif Ericson and Vik

  • Sep 1, 1275

    Marco Polo Reaches China

    Marco Polo traveled in 1275 he was appointed to travel through china on his missions
  • Jan 1, 1291


    medieval military expedition made in Europeans to support holy land
  • Nov 4, 1360

    Aztec Cilvilization

    a nice Civilization with alot of tecnoglegy
  • Renaissance

    a reenactment