The 60's second hour...

  • The Sound Of Music

    The Sound Of Music
    The Sound Of Music was a musical about a family who had to live through World War 2. Julie Andrews stars as the lead role in the movie. Later, this movie ended up winning five academy awards including "best film/best musical." The movie is still popular today!
  • World Events; Space Race

    World Events; Space Race
    A race between the U.S. and Soviet Union to the moon. JFK pushed the nation to get to the moon by the end of the decade.
  • Barbie Dolls

    Barbie Dolls
    In the early 60's Barbie dolls were introduced. Kids loved barbies, because unlike baby dolls, they were teens with stylish clothes. Barbie was soon joined by a collection of friends and family. There was Ken, Midge, Skipper, twins Tutti and Tod, and later they made an African American Barbie named Christie! Barbie still remains popular today!
  • Star Trek

    Star Trek
    The original Star Trek show was invented in 1960, by Desilu productions. Popular characters in the movie were Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and many more famous actors and actresses.... Star Trek showed Americans that it was possible to have an imagination, it also represented a very diverse racial group in the movies. All together, Star Trek aired three seasons, a total of 79 episodes. It was a hit movie, so many more movies have been made after it.
  • Laugh In

    Laugh In
    Laugh In was a very popular comedy show that was the starting place for many comedians and actors / actresses. An episode of Laugh In would be similar to an episode of Saturday Night Live today...
  • Accessories

    In the 60's, false eyelashes were a hit! They were sold in bright colors, and made to look unnatural... In the summer, people would wear simple sandals with buckled straps. Hairsyles in the 60's also were cut short, with geometric styles. Girls also had the "Beehive" hairstyle, which is when you tease the hair and pile it high on top of your head.
  • What T.V. was like...

    What T.V. was like...
    Television sets had only three t.v. channels ABC, CBS, and NBC. Most large families had to have black and white screens, because colored televisions were so expensive. T.V. was a very popular entertainment source of the 60's, and still is!
  • World Events: Cuban Missile Crisis

    World Events: Cuban Missile Crisis
    After Cuba rose Castro to power, the Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba. It sparked a two-week long crisis in which the U.S. didn't know if they would get bombed.
  • Clothing Styles

    Clothing Styles
    Around the sixties, "hippie" styles were in at the time. Most people's fashion included sleek looks with bright colored geometric designs. When most people thought of hippies, they thought about long hair, tye-dye, bell-bottoms, and no shoes... But most "hippies" wore anything loose fitting and ethnic.
  • World Events: John F. Kennedy Assassination

    World Events: John F. Kennedy Assassination
    President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas while riding in an open-topped limosuine with his wife, Jakie, and John and Nellie Connally. Three shots were fired, two hitting Kennedy and one hitting Connally. Later that afternoon the FBI
  • World Events: Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination

    World Events: Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination
    As network broadcasted the transfer of Oswald from his current jail cell in the basementof a Dallas police station, Jack Ruby, a local night club owner, shot Oswald dead. The death made trial impossible and sparked many conspiracy theories.FBI later found the transfer had been moved to during the day instead of night, so television broadcasts had enough light.
  • Music and Sports: The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show

    Music and Sports: The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show
    The Beatles were very well known in the early 1960's and were part of the "British Invasion" along with many other well known bands and artists. They were invited to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, and on that day alone there was over 73 million veiws all over the world. By coming to America, The Beatles influenced many singers and songwriters to their music and also made themselves more popular than they already were.
  • Music and Sports: Heavy Wheight Championships of 1964

    Music and Sports: Heavy Wheight Championships of 1964
    Black people still didn't have respect form white people, so this fight was a good chance for them to show people what they could do. It was Muhammed Ali verses Sonny Linston, and the odds favored Linston. The entire fight went on for four rounds, but Ali made it out in the end!
  • World Events: Signing of Civil Rights Act of 1964

    World Events: Signing of Civil Rights Act of 1964
    President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting discrimination of any kind. This changed the way America saw race.
  • The Miniskirt

    The Miniskirt
    Mary Quant introduced the miniskirt. Most young women wore the mid length miniskirt. Women of all ages wore the calf length mini. This was a shorter than normal skirt, that came in many different lengths and materials. Many famous actresses and models wore miniskirts, such as Twiggy!
  • World Events: Vietnam War

    World Events: Vietnam War
    A war that killed over 58,000 people. It was not supported by many Americans.
  • Men's Fashion

    Men's Fashion
    Most men wore tunics with vests and denim trousers, they also wore a lot of velvet... They had a lot of clothing with unique, bold patterns and designs, some clothes gave the illusion they were really moving.
  • Music and Sports: Super Bowl I

    Music and Sports: Super Bowl I
    Football was always popular, but in the 1960's, people started to want more. The Green Bay Packers were against the Kansas City Chiefs, and there were 61,946 people watching in the stadium alone! it wasn't a very close game; the Packers won 35 to 10. This game alone influenced Americans to play football and keep going with the Super Bowl, which is now a tradishion in America.
  • Music and Sports: Monterey Pop Festaval

    Music and Sports: Monterey Pop Festaval
    The Monterey Pop Festaval was the first heavily attended fock festaval in the 1960's, with 90,000 people who attended. This festival was the most attened in that year and had 7 bands and artists playing in it.
  • World Events: Miss America Protest

    World Events: Miss America Protest
    Over 150 women's rights activists from 6 cities all went to the Miss America 1968 pagent and protested, refering to it as a cattle auction. They picketed and auctioned of a Miss America puppet, and a live sheep was crowned Miss America.
  • Women's fashion

    Women's fashion
    Typically, most women wore blouses, with long skirts made of colorfull indian fabrics. They also would wear " go-go boots", an ankle to thigh boot, made of leather or vinyl that was either zipped or laced to fit the leg snuggly. They still remain popular today, for casual and high fashion dress.
  • World Events: Martin Luther King jr. Assassination

    World Events: Martin Luther King jr. Assassination
    Civil rights activist, Marin Luther King jr., was shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee while standing on a balcony. King was pronounced dead at 7:05p.m. An escaped convict was pinned as the assassin, but many believe he was innocent.
  • World Events: Robert Kennedy Assissnation

    World Events: Robert Kennedy Assissnation
    Robert Kennedy had just declared victory in the Californian Democratic Primary. Palestinian Sirhan Siran shot Robert Kennedy with a .22 pistol multiple times, wounding 5 others.
  • World Events: Stonewall Riots

    World Events: Stonewall Riots
    A series of riots against homosexual discrimination through policeman. It started formation of groups such as Gay Liberation Front.