The 57th Virginia Infrantry

  • The Orginization of the Regiment

    The Orginization of the Regiment
    The 57th Virginia Infantry was organized on September 25, 1861 when five companies were added to the five extant companies of Major Elisha Keen's battalion.
  • The Chain of Command

    The Chain of Command
    Colonel Lewis Addison Armistead was chosen as the first regimental commander and he served until he was promoted to brigadier general on April 1, 1862. Soon after was killed during the Picketts charge.
  • Chain of Command Cont.

    Elisha Ford Keen briefly succeeded Armistead, but he resigned on July 31, 1862.
  • Chain of Command Cont.

    Keen was followed by Colonel David Dyer who also resigned on January 12, 1863
  • Chain of Command Cont.

    Colonel John Bowie Magruder was next in command of the regiment and he served until he was mortally wounded at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1863. George W. Carr also served as commander of the 57th for a short period of time in 1863.