The 1980's

By lpaye
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    Information from the 1980's

  • Ronald Reagan assassination attempt

    Ronald Reagan assassination attempt
    reagan assassination attempt 69 days into his presidency Reagan and three others were shot while leaving a hotel in Washington D.C. by John Hinckley Jr.
  • Sandra Day O'Connor

    Sandra Day O'Connor
    american cultural history 1980-1989 on july 7th, 1981, Sandra Day O'connor was appointed by president reagan to supreme court justice and was the first female to be on the supreme court justice.
  • Michael Jackson's thriller video

    Michael Jackson's thriller video
    memorable television events from the 80's the 14 minute michael jackson thriller video was released on december 2nd of 1983. this video quickly became and still is the most popular video of all time.
  • genetic fingerprinting

    genetic fingerprinting
    biotechnology in the spring of 1985 genetic fingerprinting was first used in the court room. this forever changed and improved the trials and prosecutions.
  • space shuttle challenger

    space shuttle challenger
    timelines of the 80s, 1986 73 seconds into flight the space shuttle challenger exploded on january 28, 1986. it disintegrated over the atlantic ocean, killing 7 of its crew members.
  • Red Sox lost world series because of ground ball

    Red Sox lost world series because of ground ball
    memorable television events from the 80's bill buckner's small error of missing a ground ball caused the red sox to lose game six and allow the mets to move on to a 7th game.
  • Iran-Contra Affair

    Iran-Contra Affair
    Memorable television events from the 80's oliver north testified saying that he had no role in the shipping of weapons to iran in exchange for american hostages.
  • jet crash in indianapolis

    jet crash in indianapolis
    memorable television events from the 80's on october 27, 1987 a jet crashed into the lobby of an indianapolis hotel and killed 11 people.
  • the italian airshow team disaster

    the italian airshow team disaster
    memorable television events Three Italian Aermacchi MB-339 fighter jets collide in midair at the Ramstein killing 70 people
  • earthquake interrupts world series

    earthquake interrupts world series
    memorable television events from the 80's on october 17, 1989 a magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. this interrupted a warm up practice for game 3 of the world series featuring the oakland athletics and the san francisco giants.
  • Women's 80's clothing

    Women's 80's clothing
    Men and Women's 80's fashion crop tops, neon, thick belts, sweaters on waist, miniskirts.
  • Men's 80's clothing

    Men's 80's clothing
    Men and Women's 80's fashion rock band shirts, jean or leather jackets, chains, rolled sleeves, sleeveless, black and neon.
  • 80's hair styles

    80's hair styles
    Men and Women's 80's fashion women: feathered, rave, colored, crimped, teased, side ponytails.
    men: rainbow, mohawks, long and layered, teased, curly, bangs.
  • 80's music

    80's music
    link for listening to music:
    80's Midi files brown eyed girl: the rolling stones
    another one bites the dust: queen
    footloose: kenny loggins
    Celebration: KC and the sunshine band
    sweet child of mine: Guns n' roses
    uptown girl: billy joel
    thriller: michael Jackson
  • prices in 80's

    prices in 80's
    Yahoo Answers soda: 45 cents
    hamburger: 39 cents
    movie ticket: $2.39
  • Fun in the 80's

    Fun in the 80's
    Yahoo answers
    1. roller skating
    2. riding a bike