King charles

The 13 Colonies

  • Queen Elizabeth's Decision

    Queen Elizabeth's Decision
    Queen Elizabeth allowed Raleigh to send over 100 men to Roanoke Island because she thought that it would be a good settement.
  • John White's Discovery

    John White's Discovery
    After getting mad that his men went behind his back and should up and stayed in the fort, Raleigh hired Simon Fernandez to take over 100 more people including men and women too start a more permanent settlement in Chesapeake Bay. Raleigh instructed John White to check on the men. John White was put in charge of this task and brought his family along with him and he found the men were killed by Native Americans.
  • England's win over the Spanish

    England's win over the Spanish
    Johm White didn't want to return back to England for suplies with Fernandez, but when he followed his orders they arrived and found that there was a Spanish Invasion in progress. It took England almost two years to defeat the Spanish, but they did it.
  • James River

    James River
    A group of 100 men arrived on the banks of Virginia's James River. They were attacked by the natives there but they still wanted to stay. John Smith gave orders to built a fort in order to protect themselves. The men got sick because they had no water or food. Only 60 men survived this hardship and went on to establish Jamestown which was the first permanent English colony.
  • Captain Smith

    Captain Smith
    Captain Smith and some men were looking for food when he was captured and brought to Chief Pouhatan's home. This was where Pocahontas entered. She was the chiefs daughter. Her father treated her like royalty. When she could not bare to see that they were going to kill Captain Smith she threw herself over him and demanded peace amongst them all. This made the chief spare his life.
  • Captain Smith Dies

    Captain Smith Dies
    In 1609 he returned to england and he got really sick. Pocahontas stopped coming to the settlement. The relationship between the settlers and the Powhatans began to break. Four years later Pocahantas heared that John Smith had died and she came back to pay her respects in Jamestown in 1613.
  • House of Burgesses

    House of Burgesses
    1619 was a really important to James Town, because the first elected assembly was made.
  • The Mayflower

    The Mayflower
    The waters were crazy when we were on the mayflower. My parents had to make sure to find ways to protect all of us on the ship. It took over two long months to get from Ebgland to the New World.
  • The first Thanksgiving

    The first Thanksgiving
    Since there was so much food and no one was starving, we celebrated Thanksgiving in our colony. Since we were all a religious community we all used the term Thanksgiving for prayer and for fasting. We we all so happy to alive due to Squanto's generous ways towards us. After we had our first sucessful harvest in the fall, we held a celebration feast.
  • King Charles II

    King Charles II
    King Charles II decided in 1681 that he would William Penn land in the New World that was south west of New Jersey. He owed Penn's father from a previous loan he got from him.