Textile Industry

By Harry S
  • First Mill

    In 1815 Simeon Lord established the first mill in Sydney.
  • First Mill

    Agreement with Governer Macquarie to mill,dye and dress cloth from the femle mill in Parramatta.
  • Early Textile factory

    Another early textile factory was established in Blackwattle Bay, Sydney. It manufactured the 'the finest yet coarsest clothes'.
  • Textile Mills

    In 1838 there were seven woollen mills in New South Wales
  • Parramatta Tweeds

    Most people were now dressed in tweeds from a factory on Parramatta.
  • Output of cloth

    By this time the cloth output had reached 235 000 yards per annum
  • First wool in Victoria

    It claims to be made in January 1868 but it might have been made earlier in Pentridge Prison.
  • Launceston Mill

    Won the prize of £1000 for the first wollen manufactured in a clony made from locally produced materials.
  • Women in factories

    The textile industry relied heavily on the cheap labour of women and in 1877 there was about 1000 people working in the factories.
  • People working in factories

    the amount of people working factories now was around 2000 between 1895 and 1900.