Test timeline for Env Final Project - Mr. T's Life demo

By atemme
  • Period: to


    test timeline
  • birth

    Mr. Temme is born
  • Mr T discovers MTV

    MTV changed everything about our world. Students can write sentences here and display it in the table view for printing or sharing
  • Mt. T goes to college

    Mt. T goes to college
    I purchased a guitar but did not know how to use it. I also purchased a book on how to play the guitar and learned in 3 weeks. I was jammin in no time at all
  • Mr. T graduates ciollege

    Thank goodness but i will miss college life forever!
  • Mr T discovers timetoast and share it will everyone

    THis can really be a great way to get kids interested in makeing the timeline for the final project. It also guides them in the process so we teachers do not get annoyed at the kids.