Tinnuith's Timeline

  • 980

    The Cataclysm

  • Period: 982 to 993

    War against the Abyss

  • 984

    Lux's ascension

    After countless failed battles and losing men and lands to the Abyss, the leader of the resistance started a pilgrimage on search for an answer. Weeks later, a bright light appeared in the middle of the battlefield, banishing the demons in it, and restoring the ground, flora and fauna. She woke up in the middle of it, unscathed, as soldiers bathed in her light. She said she'd finally be able to end evil once and for all. She asked to be now called Lux.
    The people called her Goddess.
  • 991

    Foundation of Llerath

  • 994

    Birth of the 4 Paths

    After spending a few years trying to reach the person who now called herself Lux, and trying to find the man who started it all, the other members of the original group that unleashed the Calamity agreed to part ways, founding their own paths. Some of them were more transparent than others with their purpose, some just vanished into anonymity.
  • 996

    Imaeth returns to Dirdam

  • 998

    Union for the Survival of the Arcane Arts

  • Period: 999 to 1016

    First Freedom War

    Several forces clashed against each other as part of the Freedom Wars. Llerath had its first incursions in the Underworld with the objective to eliminate all sources of evil. The survivors fled to the surface, where they found some allies with the newly founded Magical Coalition.
  • Period: 1016 to 1018

    Lubnice's Independence War

  • 1024

    Birth of Vivianne Rothtopper

  • 1024

    Birth of Ay & Lenore

  • 1026

    Leah is born

  • Period: 1030 to 1032

    Second Freedom War

  • 1032

    Erradication of the Xetahrs

  • 1033

    Birth of Catalino I

  • 1036

    Batalla de Fayhollow

  • 1042

    Grunt rescues Akasha

  • 1042

    The Cretinati Assemble

  • 1043

    The Naturals meet for the first time

  • 1044

    Akelarre nocturno

  • 1044

    Wedding of Admiral Florenza and Hope

  • Period: 1044 to 1046

    Aventuras del Escuadrón Llerathiense

  • 1045

    Leah frees Zassath

  • 1046

    The adventures of The Cheese Company begin