Terrorism Timeline . . .

By Dara22
  • Iranian Hostage Crisis

    On November 4, 1979 some islamic people took over the U.S Embassy and held American people hostage. After they couldn't make an agreement to let the American's go they decided to try to rescue them on April 24, 1980. They failed the attempt which came to 8 American deaths. All of the disagrements ended in a signing of the 'Algiers Accords' and that same day the American's were released to be free.
  • Beirut Barracks Bombing

    This is where a terrorists in a truck with 2,000 pounds of explosive ran into the Headquarters. This incident killed 241 American servicemen, 58 French servicemen, 6 civilians,2 suicide bombers ad their were also 75 injured. It was the highest number of casualties having with Marines since World War 2.
  • Lockerbie (Pan Am flight 103) Bombing

    The Flight 103 was like other take off days, well that is what they had thought. The plane was headed for a long trip and were just getting settled once they got to the height of 31,000 feet, as they reached that point the plane was an explosion. This was a terrifing expierence for anyone in the area to see, people said it looked like a meteor shower. All if the distruction was thrown across 50 square miles of land, and even with the 259 deaths on board they added 11 from the ground
  • World Trade Center Bombing

    The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center had been bombed underneath the building in the underground garage. The terrorists had parked an explosive car in the garage and had then set it off when they were gone. The explosion went up through the building and felt mass destruction which killed 6 people, and left thousands injurded.
  • Second Intifada (Palestinians)

    A mass of distruction from the bombing on Oklahoma City was made. The bomb impacked at least a sixteen-block radius and killed more than 680 people. The terrorist were Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Michael ,Lori Fortier and they had caused the most destructive terrorist act know before that time. These terrorists caused greef and pain to many civilized people and the money of damage was nearly over $652 million dollars.
  • Uss Cole Bombing

    America guided missile destroyer was attacked on October 12, 2000. They happened to be offshore refueling when a small boat came up beside them with 2 men on board. They came to realize they were suicide bombers but before they could react they were blown up with about 400-700 pounds of exsposives. The blast impacted the ship so much it created a 40 foot hole in the side of it, by this attack 17 people died and 39 had gotten injured.
  • 9/11 Attacks

    A series of 4 attempts to attack the Twin Tower's were made on this day. Two of the Four planes crashed into the Trade Center by the hijackers intentionally. They killed all the people onboard plus the thousands of people working in the building. The other plane crashed into the Pentagon and the 4th plane crashed in a field, they think it was headed towards the white House but will never be positive enough to ever know.
  • London Bombings

    On July 7th ,2005 three bombs were set off on the capital's Underground network. Later that day their was another explosion on a bus creating a 4th bomb. These explosions caused 700 people to be injured and 50 lives to be gone forever. After all the bombings they went into a high level emergency procedure
  • Times Square Bombing Attempt

    This was an attempted terrorists attack but failed to happen when two poeple off the street noticed the bomb in a vehicle. The reason the bomb was smoking was because it had been ignited. They had noticed it before it exploded and caused all the deaths not to happen. A few days later they found the terrorists who was a 30 year old Pakistan and he admitted to training for the bombing vehicle attack.