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Terri-Jean Bedford

  • Terri was born.

  • Period: to

    Terri was adopted.

    When Terri was age 6, she was adopted by her adoptive parents, along with many adopted brothers and sisters. Terri was engaging in sexual activities with her adopted siblings. She also claims that her adoptive parents were abusive. Shortly after she was adopted, her mother died in a car-crash, and she never saw her biological father. He died a few years back.
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    Terri was convicted.

    She was convicted of running a "bawdy house" where men would pay her for sexual favours. In 1994, her business was raided by police, but her charges were dropped.
  • Bedford's hearing took place.

    The hearing happened over 7 days in Toronto (not too sure on the exact days the hearing took place.)
  • Appeal is scheduled to be heard.

    Although, prostitution is still frowned upon. Many people do agree that legal prostitution should still only be done in private.
  • Susan Himel struck down 3 anti-prostitution laws.

    Ontario Superior Court Judge struck down 3 anti-prostitutional laws, to make prostitution safer for those who engage in it. Some were opposed, and some were not.