Tennessee Athletics Misfortune 2008-present

By TPTE486
  • Bruce Pearl BBQ

    Bruce Pearl hosts three basketball recruits at his house, which is a secondary violation
  • Phillip Fulmer is Fired

    Phillip Fulmer is Fired
    After losing to South Carolina and dropping to 3-6 on the season, Mike Hamilton fires longtime coach Phillip Fulmer
  • Lane Kiffin is Hired

    Lane Kiffin is Hired
    The controversial ex-Raiders coach is hired and promptly puts together a top tier recruiting class. Kiffin is instantly popular among the fanbase due to his personality, recruiting prowess, and coaching staff
  • UT Basketball Player Incident

    UT Basketball Player Incident
    Four Tennessee basketball players are arrested when guns and illegal substances are found in their car on New Year's Day.
  • Lane Kiffin Leaves for USC

    Lane Kiffin Leaves for USC
    Lane Kiffin leaves late in the recruiting season for his "dream job" at USC. Kiffin and his staff urge TN recruits to not attend class and try to sway them to USC. The TN fanbase is enraged, and proceeds to riot and burn mattresses.
  • Period: to

    Bruce Pearl Lies

    When asked about a photograph of the three junior recruits taken at his house in September 2008, Bruce Pearl denies any knowledge of it.
  • Bruce Pearl Press Conference

    Bruce Pearl comes clean about his lies to the NCAA. The University imposes self-imposed penalties, including recruiting restrictions and pay deductions.
  • Tennessee loses to LSU after beating them

    Tennessee loses to LSU after beating them
  • Mike Slive Suspends Pearl

    Pearl is suspended by the SEC for the first 8 conference games, in which the Vols go 5-3
  • Tennessee loses to UNC after beating them

  • Bruce Pearl is Fired

    Bruce Pearl is Fired
    After a 75-45 loss to Michigan in the NCAA Tournament, Bruce Pearl is fired due to the pending NCAA investigation.
  • Todd Raleigh is Fired

    After four years, Raleigh had a losing record and had never appeared in the SEC tournament.
  • Mike Hamilton Resigns

    Mike Hamilton Resigns
    Due to each of the three major programs faultering and being under NCAA investigation, Mike Hamilton resigns as Athletic Director at Tennessee
  • Pat Summitt Announces She Has Alzheimer's

    Pat Summitt Announces She Has Alzheimer's
    The one person on campus who had achieved consistent success with integrity announces she has been diagnosed with early onset dementia
  • Janzen Jackson Dismissed

    Janzen Jackson Dismissed
    The Vols best defensive player, Janzen Jackson, is dismissed from the team for unspecified reasons.
  • Justin Hunter Tears ACL

    Justin Hunter Tears ACL
    The Vols best offensive weapon tears his ACL during the first drive of the Florida game, which ended in a 10 point loss for Tennessee
  • Smokey tears ACL

    That's right, Tennessee dog mascot suffered a partially torn ACL during the Cincinnati game.