Ten Upcoming Must-See Shows at The Mill

  • Nikki Lunden

    Nikki Lunden
    An Iowa City native, Nikki Lundren is no stranger to The Mill. She brings her Sheryl Crow-esque, singer-songwriter sound to The Mill and other similar bars around Eastern Iowa. Now on her 4th solo album, this show is sure to be fresh and energetic; after all, The Mill is one of her self-declared favorite places to play. She will be joined by Bree Nettle. Listen Here
  • Jeremy Messersmith

    Jeremy Messersmith
    Straying from the typical guitar-only mold that The Mill is known for, Jeremy Messersmith's intigration of piano is a fresh act for the indie Iowa City music scene. His 2010 album "Reluctant Graveyard" was hailed by NPR as one of the Top 10 Albums of 2010. Listen here
  • Trevor Hall

    Trevor Hall
    Imagine a mixture of Dave Matthews and Ben Harper. Voila: The Mill brings you Trevor Hall. Best known for his song "Other Ways" featured in the movie "Shrek the Third," his newest album "Everything Everytime Everywhere" has been a hit thus far. Listen here
  • Bitch

    As in-your-face as her name suggests, Bitch's performances are known to be very eccentric and wild. Her violin-rock style is one that Iowa City is lucky to have and not used to. If anything, her performance will be something you won't see again in the area for at least a long while. This is a definite must-see. Listen here
  • Randy Weeks

    Randy Weeks
    Called an "amazing musician" by Billboard Magazine, Randy Weeks has been a dominant presence in the LA music scene for a number of years. As a pioneer of the Americana genre, his most recent album "Going My Way" is sure to be a hit with The Mill crowd. Listen here
  • Lyal Strickland

    Lyal Strickland
    Fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed fifth album, "So Many Incidents," Lyle Strickland is sure to bring a great sound to Iowa City. His Ray LaMontagne music style and singer-songwriter, rootsy sound is just the type of music The Mill is used to; this show will be great. Listen here
  • Lydia Loveless

    Lydia Loveless
    A songstress who sounds like Grace Potter with a country drawl, Lydia Loveless is a definite must-see. Coming from a small town in Ohio, her passion for music began because there was nothing else to do. Thank God for this; Lydia Loveless is an outstanding addition to the music community and is sure to take-off following the release of her debut LP, "Indestructable Machine." Listen here
  • White Rabbits

    White Rabbits
    This Brooklyn-based indie rock band is on its second studio album released two years ago titled "It's Frightening." No strangers to live performances (they have performed at Lollapalooza and other big-name music festivals), White Rabbits is sure to put on a great show. Listen here
  • Daryl Hance

    Daryl Hance
    Daryl Hance has a sound i would describe as a bluesy version of The Black Keys. Coming from Jacksonville, FL, he finds a lot of inspiration in southern New Orleans style music. His performance is his first at The Mill coming off his debut album, Hallowed Ground. Listen here
  • Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three

    Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three
    Pokey LaFarge is an eccentric folk singer from St. Louis. His combination bluegrass, ragtime, and jazzy sound is like nothing else you will hear in Iowa City. Following the summer release of his album "Middle of Everywhere" under Jack White's (The White Stripes) label Third Man Records, The Mill is lucky to get him. Listen here