Telephone 1880-1890

  • U.S. had about 50,000 telephones

    U.S. had about 50,000 telephones
    sourceIn the 1880s, the U.S. had about 50,000ntelphones. On the same date, Thomas Edison got a patent on his incandecent lamp.
  • Bell Telephone

    sourceThe Bell Telephone was the first type of phone that was used in Spain, Japan, England, and other countries. The Bell Telephone replaced the Morse Telegraph.
  • First call

    First call
    sourceThe first call in New York and Chicago went through the phone line. it also helped peple contact other people.
  • Atlanta Telephone Exchange

    Atlanta Telephone Exchange
    sourceThree hundred seventy telephones were served by the Atlanta Telephone Exchange. The telephone also exist in Decatur.
  • Improved Bell's phonograph

    Improved Bell's phonograph
    sourcePeople inproved Alexander Graham Bell's phonograph. They improved the phonograph and called it the graphophone.
  • Wood Cradle Desk Telephone

    Wood Cradle Desk Telephone
    sourceIt can be found regarding the S.I.D.P.E. graphaphone. A paire of them was given to the present owner by a elder gold miner.
  • Loading coils

    Loading coils
    sourceOliver Heavisde developed the loading coils that would keep signal through long distance. Campbell succeeded in the 19th century.
  • Bell Telephone Company

    Bell Telephone Company
    sourceThe Bell Telephone Company was formed by Gardiner Hubbard. The Charles Williams shop made the first telephones under the direction of Watson.