Telecomunications inventions

Timeline created by Jaume Ripoll
  • Telegraph- Samuel Morse

    Telegraph- Samuel Morse
    a device, system, or process by which information can be transmitted over a distance.
  • Radio-Guillermo marconi.

    Radio-Guillermo marconi.
    a device that uses electromagnetic waves for communication.
  • Television- Jhon Logie Baird

    Television- Jhon Logie Baird
    Electrical device that receives and reproduces those images and sounds
  • Computer- Honrad Zuse

    Computer- Honrad Zuse
    Electronic machine capable of storing information and processing it automatically through mathematical and logical operations controlled by computer programs
  • Tablet- Alan Kay

    Tablet- Alan Kay
    is a portable electronic device larger than a smartphone.
  • Telephone- Graham bell

    Telephone- Graham bell
    A means of communication that, through a set of devices and conductive systems, transmits sound as an electromagnetic signal remotely.
  • Mobile phone-Martin Cooper

    Mobile phone-Martin Cooper
    A mobile phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users to make and receive calls