Telecomummunication inventions

  • Telegraph, Samuel Morse

    Telegraph, Samuel Morse
    The telegraph is a device used to communicate at a distance. It uses electricity to send coded messages through the wires.
  • Computer, Charles Babbage

    Computer, Charles Babbage
    It is a machine that stores and automates information through computer programs specifically designed for this task.
  • Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell

    Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell
    is an device that trasmit sound by a cable electical signs.
  • Radio, Guillermo Marconi

    Radio, Guillermo Marconi
    It is a means of communication that is based on the sending of audio signals through radio waves.
  • Television, John Logie Baird

    Television, John Logie Baird
    It is a system for transmitting images and sound at a distance through Hertian waves.
  • Tablet, Alan Kay

    Tablet, Alan Kay
    is a mobile computing device in which the touch screen occupies almost its entire size and in which there is no physical keyboard.
  • Telephone movil, Martin Cooper

    Telephone movil, Martin Cooper
    It is an electronic wireless device that allows access to the cellular or mobile telephone network. It is called cellular due to the repeater antennas that make up the network, each of which is a cell, although there are satellite mobile telephone networks.