telecommunications inventions

  • telegraph-Pável Dúrov

    telegraph-Pável Dúrov
    A system for transmitting messages remotely along a cable.
  • radio-Nikola Tesla

    radio-Nikola Tesla
    It is a form of telecommunication that is carried out through radio waves, which in turn is characterized by the movement of electric fields.
  • telephone-Alexander Graham Bell

    telephone-Alexander Graham Bell
    A system to communicate by cable or radio, by converting vibrations into electrical signals.
  • television-Philo Farnsworth

    television-Philo Farnsworth
    An electrical device that receives and reproduces images and sounds.
  • computer-Charles Babbaje

    computer-Charles Babbaje
    Machine that stores information through computer programs.
  • tablet-Alan Kay

    tablet-Alan Kay
    It is a type of laptop, larger than a telephone, integrated into a touch screen with which it is used with the fingers, without the need for a physical keyboard or mouse.
  • mobile phone-Martin Cooper

    mobile phone-Martin Cooper
    It is a device that does not have cables and that can be moved without problems in communication.