Telecommunication inventions

  • Computer Charles Babbage

    Computer Charles Babbage
    A computer is a machine or device that performs processes, calculations and operations based on instructions provided by a software or hardware program
  • Telegraph Samuel Morse

    Telegraph Samuel Morse
    A telegraph is a system to send messages along a wire.
  • Telephone Antonio Meucci

    Telephone Antonio Meucci
    A telephone is a device that allow two or more people talk at any distance.
  • Radio Gugliermo Marconi

    Radio Gugliermo Marconi
    The radio is a communication way that sends audio signals through radio waves
  • Television Philo Farnsworth

    Television Philo Farnsworth
    The TV is an image and sound transmision system at any distance trough hertzian waves.
  • Tablet Alan Kay

    Tablet Alan Kay
    A tablet is a wireless portable personal computer with a touch screen. it is usually smaller than a laptop, but larger than a smartphone.
  • Mobile phone Martin Cooper

    Mobile phone Martin Cooper
    A mobile phone is a wireless portable device that allows users to make and receive calls.