Teen Movies

  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley
    The 1950's saw Elvis Presley's rise to fame. The term 'The Teenager' was invented pretty much by Elvis Presley, due to the rebellion of teens everywhere after the invention of rock'n'roll. Parents everywhere hated Elvis; believing his image, music and, in particular his dancing, was corrupting their children.
  • John Hughes Birth

    John Hughes Birth
    John Hughes was born on the 18th February, 1950. He would later go on to become one of the major directors of teen movies; directing and scripting films such as 'Ferris Buellers Day Off' and 'The Breakfast Club'.
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    The History of the Teen movie

  • The Wild One

    The Wild One
    The Wild One Trailer The Wild One ws released on the 30th December 1953. Starring Marlon Brando it was the first film depicting rebellion and the biker gang lifestyle. It was frowned upon in the 50's and was banned in the UK for fourteen years.
  • Rebel Without a Cause.

    Rebel Without a Cause.
    Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean, was released. It was the first film where the main target audience was teenagers and the storyline was much like the typical teen movie storylines we have today; with the 'New Kid', romance and trying to outwit the parents. It was a huge hit with teenagers everywhere.
  • Teen Movies of the 60's.

    Teen Movies of the 60's.
    The 60's were a big time for Teen Movies. With the beginning of the hippie movement, the emphasis was on freedom, peace. music, romance and partying. Films such as Beach Party, Gidget Goes to Rome and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini were released however, due to censorship they were limited on what they could actually show.
  • Beach Party released

    Beach Party released
    Beach Party was released on the 14th July 1963; it was one of the first major teen films of the 60's and, much like many teen films nowadays, was focused on fun and romance.
  • Teen Movies of the 70's

    Teen Movies of the 70's
    The 70's showed the introduction of the hybrid movie; teen-horrors (Carrie), teen-musicals (Grease), teen-romance (Love Story) and teen-comedies (National Lampoon's Animal House).
  • Grease Released

    Grease Released
    Grease is a timeless movie and is still watched by many people of all ages now; however at the time it was directed more specifically at teenagers with the emphasis being on High School life and summer romance. The costume choices in particular are the main differences to today, with the leather 'T-bird' jackets, tight trousers and greasy, quiffed hair, the pink lady jackets and girly dresses.
  • Nicolas Ray Dies.

    Nicolas Ray Dies.
    Nicolas Ray was one of the defining directors of the Teen Movie Genre, directing 'Rebel Without A Cause'. He died in 1979 of Lung Cancer.
  • Teen Movies of the 1980's

    Teen Movies of the 1980's
    Information on Teen Films of the 80's. Some say that the 1980's were the golden years for the Teen Movie. The emphasis was on the parents being clueless and suburb life was portrayed to be 'alienating' and 'superficial', Films such as 'The Breakfast Club', 'Sixteen Candles', 'Ferris Buellers Day Off', 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' and 'Pretty In Pink' were released in this era.
  • Michael Cera birth

    Michael Cera birth
    Michael Cera was born on this date. He is one of the leading teen movie stars of the noughties; starring in teen films Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Superbad, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Youth In Revolt.
  • Teen Movies of the 90's

    Teen Movies of the 90's
    The 90's showed a large increase in the numbers of Teen films made. With the censorship laws a lot less strict than they were in the 50's, there was a lot more focus on sex, nudity and drugs; with strong themes being things like 'losing virginity'; as depicted in 'American Pie (1991).
  • Release of Clueless.

    Release of Clueless.
    Clueless remains; 16 years later, one of the most famous Teen Movies of all time. Again it had the recurring themes of 'The New Kids', 'The Popular Kids', High school life, Romance, Parties and there was also a theme of wealth in the characters; something that has been done repeatedly in Teen movies since.
  • Teen Movies of the Noughties.

    Teen Movies of the Noughties.
    In the last decades, Teen movies have become more and more popular with several being released every year. Although teen musicals had died down; 'High School Musical, showed the return of this and became one of the most popular movie franchises ever. Films such as Thirteen showed the increase in controversial themes.
  • Release of Thirteen

    Release of Thirteen
    Thirteen was a film which tackled very controversial issues such as self harm, drug abuse and sexuality in young teenagers.
  • Release of Mean Girls

    Release of Mean Girls
    Mean Girls is one of the most famous teen movies of all time, starring Lindsay Lohan; one of the most famous teen stars of this generation. Mainly targeted at teenage girls it fits the criteria of a teen movie almost exactly; with comedy, romance, bitchiness, 'the new kid' and other stereotypes and with the settings and themes focusing on High school life and parties.
  • Release of Juno

    Release of Juno
    Slightly indie, quirky films have started to be released in the last 5 years, with the emphasis being on unusual situations occurring in the typical teenage places such as High School, and dry, quirky sense of humour. Films such as Juno, Whip It, Napolean Dynamite and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World are examples of this.