Tecnology form 1997-2012

By 284016
  • telephone communication

    telephone communication became a house hold product so even the poor could own it and everyone was connected
  • google

    Google was created in 1998 as a serch website for the world wide web
  • Wi-FI

    wi-fi was created in 1999 for commercial use to use the internet and the comuter and connect to the world without using a cord
  • the first high powered laser

    the fist high powered laser was invented for military use in 2000.
  • First smartphone

    the first smartphone was introduced into the usa in 2001 it is a phone, and a computer
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft was created in 2002 for language programming but later on became a worldwide know buisness
  • first call of duty

    the first call of duty game was made in 2003, scince then much more have been produced. It is a video game which includes you in different wars through out history
  • Facebook/google social networks

    Facebook and google social networks were both created in 2007 for commercial use to talk to your friends or just see whats happening
  • 3d tv

    the first 3d tv was put out on the market in 2010. It is a TV that can be 3d with 3d glasses
  • Avatar

    The movie avatar was the fist movie ever to use 3d computer generated characters and backround and earned the most money out of any other movie