Technology Use Progression Timeline

By RyanCor
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    Technology Progression 1990-1999

  • Solid-state Hard Drive

    Solid-state Hard Drive
    The first commercial SSD was introduced by SanDisk in 1991. Among other advantages Solid-state drives are not limited by any mechanical parts and are able to be configured to fit in many more devices that a traditional Optical Hard drive.
  • Doom (Video Game)

    Doom (Video Game)
    The first person shooter video game Doom was released by id Software, leading to some of the first player modified levels and changes of a games appearance.
  • Java

    The programming language Java developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem was released. It promised WORA or Write Once, Run Anywhere functionality.
  • Wi-Fi

    IEEE introduced 802.11 the wireless network standard in June of 1997 allowing computer users to be more mobile than ever.
  • Blackberry smartphone

    Blackberry smartphone
    RIM released the BlackBerry smart phone, a product that would be many users first introduction to a mobile device with advanced capabilities.