Technology Timeline 1990-2013

By jm321
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    Technology Timeline

  • World Wide Web invented by Tim Berners-Lee

    World Wide Web invented by  Tim Berners-Lee
    A global information medium that users can read and write using computers connected to the Internet.
  • Berners-Lee wrote the first web browser.

     Berners-Lee wrote the first web browser.
    Collaborated with Robert Cailliau to build the first working prototype
  • Simon

    First Smartphone. Released by IMB
  • Internet Explorer 1.0

     Internet Explorer 1.0
    A graphical web browser that made its debut from Microsoft
  • Google

    Searches the Internet and finds webpages based on the keywords submitted. Created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  • Netflix

    Invented by Marc Randolph, Reed Hastings and Mitch Lowe. Subscription based movie/tv streaming service
  • PayPal

    Invented by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. Purchased by eBay in 2002.
  • iPod

    Announced by Apple
  • Virtual keyboard

    Virtual keyboard
    Invented by Canesta and VKB
  • Solar Tower

    Solar Tower
    Invented by Jorg Schlaich
  • Translucent Concrete

    Translucent Concrete
    Invented by Aron Losonczi
  • Facebook

    Created by Mark Zuckerberg
  • Youtube

    Invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. Video sharing website
  • Twitter

    Invented by Jack Dorsey
  • The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

    The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
    It will look for signs of water ice, a vital resource for any future lunar base, and compile detailed 3-D lunar maps.
  • Retail DNA Test

    Retail DNA Test
    Invented by Anne Wojcicki
    A hub for network TV shows and movies
  • Electric Eyes

    Electric Eyes
    Retinal implants for the blind
  • SixthSense

    A wearable gestural interface that lets natural hand gestures interact with digital information.
  • Lytro

    Light Field Camera