Technology Timeline

By 15kojw1
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  • Credit Cards

    Credit Cards
    This credit card was invented by Diners Club by Frank X. McNamara. He forgot his wallet, and decided it was better to have a credit card then to carry a huge wad of cash.
  • Patent Bar Code

    Patent Bar Code
    Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver invented the first patent bar code, so shops could remember what was bought, instead of noting it down and wasting paper and ink.
  • Solar Cell

    Solar Cell
    Converts light into electrical energy, which are the sun’s rays. Use full in bright days, though not at night, the aim was to cleanse the world of pollution.
  • Hovercraft

    Christopher Cockerell invented the first hovercraft that helped us travel around in the air and reach places faster than usual.
  • Laser

    Theodore Maiman invented the laser, getting inspiration from the Maser. That helped melt through metals.
  • Compact Disk

    Compact Disk
    Invented by James Russel, so he could store in computer files. So if your computer broke down, your files would still be safe if copied inside a compact disk.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    They had trouble controlling the computer before the mouse came, so Douglas Engelbart decided that it was time for a computer mouse.
  • The Arpanet

    The Arpanet
    The first internet enabled people to search for information, although slower than the original internet.
  • The Floppy Disk

    The Floppy Disk
    Alan Shugart invented the Floppy disk. The nickname ‘Floppy’ came from the fact that the disk is very flexible. Although not as much as the USB we have now.
  • LCD

    James Fergason invented the LCD. The LCD is useful for watches, computers, clocks, digital things.
  • The First Video Game

    The First Video Game
    Nolan Bushwell, he made it for entertainment, since people get bored if we don’t do anything.
  • Cell Phones

    Cell Phones
    A cell phone provides us with communication skills, letting us talk to people far away.
  • Windows Program

    Windows Program
    Made by the Microsoft company, although it was great before, another company has outdone it.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    Made so people could enter in websites for others to view, socialize.
  • Toyota Hybrid Car

    Toyota Hybrid Car
    The Toyota company has invented the Toyota hybrid car. It saves more energy and is rechargeable. It doesn’t need original car fuel.
  • Youtube

    This site is famous for people posting their videos, and other people watching them. There are cartoons, and other short clips people made for entertainment.