Technology timeline

  • Period: to


  • First computer mouse

    First computer mouse
    In 1952 the first computer mouse was invented; mouse´s are designed to make something happen on the computer screen.
  • First smart phone

    First smart phone
    This was the first micro wave that was invented to heat food.
  • First GPS

    First GPS
    Gps’s are used to navigate where you are and where you want to go.
  • First digital camera

    First digital camera
    This is the first digital camera used to freeze time and take photos and videos.
  • First record player

    First record player
    This was how people used to listen to much before but now we use ipods.
  • First cd player

    First cd player
    This is one of the earliest cd players which was invented and affordable to customers.
  • First game boy

    First game boy
    This is the first game boy which was invented by Nintendo. It is used to play games.
  • First smart phone

    First smart phone
    This was the first smart phone, smart phones have gps, internet and other useful apps stored in them.
  • First nintendo ds

    First nintendo ds
    This is the first ds which came out. Nintendo ds allows you to out in your own games and play games on it.
  • First iphone

    First iphone
    This was the first iphone which was invented. In the current year 2012 phone 5 will be out, showing how much the iphone has changed only in 5 years.