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  • AOL

    America Online was created 25 years ago by a company named Quantum Computer Services that failed a startup called Control Video Corporation. AOL today is the most popular amongst the average internet users.
  • Proposal of World Wide Web

    Proposal of World Wide Web
    The World Wide Web (www) was created in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee. It was originally published in the March issue of MacWorld, and then redistributed in May 1990. The World Wide Web has made an easier way for everyone to connect.
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    Technology Timeline

  • Windows 3.0

    In 1990 Microsoft introduced Windows 3.0. Windows 3.0 was the first program to protect your computer. Having a protected computer can help your computer to not crash and governments are more stable because they can keep their files secret.
  • The first webcam

    The first webcam
    The first webcam was deployed at a Cambridge University computer lab, and its sole purpose was to monitor a particular coffee maker so that lab users could avoid wasted trips to an empty coffee pot. The webcam is an easier way to talk and see people even if they are far away.
  • Google

    Google went live online changing the way people find information. Today everyone uses Google to quickly find the information they need.
  • Breaking News Story on Internet

    The first major news story to be broken online was the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal which was posted on The Drudge Report after Newsweek killed the story. Adding news stories on the Internet made it easier for people to be updated on the latest stories if they missed the news.
  • "TheFacebook"

    "TheFacebook" was created by Mark Zuckerberg for only college students. Facebook took over Myspace when it was open to everyone later on. Facebook is now the most popular social networking site that everyone uses to stay in touch, including family members.
  • Youtube

    YouTube was launched in 2005 bringing free online video hosting and sharing to the masses. This was the first site the user could upload a video. Youtube is now the largest video sharing site that is used around the world
  • Twitter

    Twitter launched in 2006. It was originally going to be called twittr, inspired by Flickr. The first Twitter message was "just setting up my twttr". Twitter is easy to get news on the latest trends and you can follow your favorite bands and all of your friends.
  • iPhone

    The biggest innovation was the creation of the iPhone which was almost wholly responsible for renewed interest in mobile web applications and design. The iPhone is now the most popular phone and we are able to access the internet and games