Technology through the ages

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    Technology through the ages

  • Laser printer

    Laser printer
    Created to print out written work from computer into a written work
  • Digital calculator

    Digital calculator
    Created to solve mathematical solutions
  • The internet

    The internet
    Created to research and use as a form of Entertainment
  • Digital camera

    Digital camera
    Created to take photographs and capture moments of happiness
  • Walkman

    Created for people to listen to music
  • First Laptop

    First Laptop
    The first laptop was created for Nasa for a space shuttle program.
  • Microsoft word

    Microsoft word
    Created to help students to use as a notepad digitally.
  • Game boy

    Game boy
    Created to be a part of technological entertainment for people of all ages, aimed for children
  • Smart Board

    Smart Board
    This was created to project screens from the computers into the board and it was touch-screen
  • Television

    Created for entertainment