Technology Threw The Ages

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  • Cameras and Pictures Threw Time

    Cameras and Pictures Threw Time
    The camera was a development that was made by many people and not just one soul, Joseph Nicephorus Niepce invented the very first camera. in 1816 he toke the first official photo.
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    The camera point of view from 50s

    As I spoke with my grandma she gave me here point of view from the camera, she explained to me that they used to be almost like a really big box and there would be a cover that a person would go under and that is how they would take the picture, and to the ide they would have a huge light. She said they they have changed in a big way from them just being so much smaller and being able to carry with you much easier.
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    The camera point of view from the 70s

    From my moms view she explained that they were very big and heavy, and had a big circle in the front along with the role for the pictures. She sees that the cameras is way smaller and much easier to carry, that cameras have a memory card that you can pass them on to a computer. to here she believes that the new camera is a lot better than it was and she likes how it is and the much advanced technology it has.
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    The camera point of view from the 80s

    My aunt gave me also a view from the camera in here time she explained that it was a very heavy camera, and the lens you had to wait for in to come in and out and a very down fact about them was that they flash would run out and wouldn't last long on the camera. she stated that a camera is now just on a phone and it is so much more easier to use.
  • own view from the camera

    own view from the camera
    Cameras have been around since I could remember they have changed over time from like the portable one you can buy at Walmart, to now it actually just being on your phone and it being a snap away. the first camera I remember seeing was the one with like a yellow cover that need the role to take pictures then you would take it to the store so that they could be reveled.
  • Final picture shot

    Final picture shot
    To gather my information that I learned, I see that a camera is not at all what it used to be back then it has changed in a great deal and mostly in the size and the ability to be able to move it around to one place and another how a flash is something that is needed and they we don't want it to run out.