Technology Project #3 1600-1876

  • East Indiana Company

    The East Indiana Company was formed for the exploitation of trade with Asia and India. The E.I.C. was not always good because it eventually fell to endemic corruption which is basically where the operation has a weakness.
  • Jamestown

    Jamestown was the first successful colony. It remained the primary settlement of that area for nearly 100 years until the capital moved elsewhere.
  • KJ bible

    In 1611 the King James version of the bible was published. There were previously two versions of this bible but the main one was called the Geneva translation. As the name suggests, this translation was created by King james.
  • War

    In 1622, the Powhatan war began. This war took place in part of Virginia and Maryland and was between the Powhatans and the early English settlers. Because of this war, Indian power was quickly destroyed.
  • War

    The english civil war began on March 22, 1642 and ended September 3, 1651. This war took place in the British Isles. This war was between King James I, and parliament over control of the English government.
  • Wars

    The first Anglo-Dutch war happened between 1652-1654. This war was a naval war and was fought between the Dutch Republic and England. The reason the first war was fought was because of commercial rivalries between the Dutch and England. *Unsure of exact start date*
  • New Act of Uniformity

    The new Act of Uniformity made it to where reordination was required from all pastors. Pastors also had to renounce the Solemn League and Covenant.
  • Invention

    In 1675 Christiaan Huygens patented the pocket watch.
  • Period: to

    18th Century

  • Declaration of Independance

    The Declaration of Independence declared the United states free from Great Britain. This document was approved by congress on July 4 1776. The states unanimously agreed that they should have the right to be free. Ever since then, this date will always be celebrated as fourth of July.
  • War

    The French and Indian war began in 1754 between Great Britain and France. This war was part of the Seven Years' War and was started because because of a disagreement over whether or not the Upper Ohio River Valley was part of the British Empire. It also started over religious differences as well as trade. This war ended because of the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
  • Invention

    On April 15, 1755, the first English dictionary was produced. This dictionary was also called the "Johnson's Dictionary".
  • War

    In April of 1775, the American Revolutionary War began in Concord and Lexington. The reason for this war being started was because of the British attempt to gain more control over the colonies. Another reason was so that these colonies would pay the royal crown for their part in defending the colonists in the French-Indian war. The war ended September 3, 1783.
  • Treaty

    The Treaty of France made it to where France officially recognised the United States. With this treaty, the U.S. gained additional support in the form of supplies, troops, and military items such as warships all from France. This treaty lasted all the way till 1800 even though it was technically ended because of the Neutrality Act of 1794.
  • President

    The first president of United states was elected. This presidents name was George Washington. George was the commander in chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
  • Bill of Rights

    The Bill of Rights was drafted by James Madison. In 1791, President George Washington sent the bills to congress and eventually most states adopted them. These rights were made to protect each individuals liberties.
  • Invention

    In 1793, ELi Whitney created the cotton Gin in Georgia. He requested a patent, and he was later granted a patent on March 14, 1794. This machine was revolutionary during this time as it reduced load on slaves. This machine separated the cotton fibers from the cotton seeds. *Unsure of creation date*
  • 1800-1876

  • President

    Thomas Jefferson was the third president. He served 2 terms between March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809. Thomas helped stabilize the economy. He also defeated the pirates during the barbary war. Jefferson was also credited for doubling the size of the United States. Thomas jefferson founded the University of Virginia.
  • War

    The Mexican-American war was fought between the United States and Mexico. This war was fought between April 25, 1846 to February 2, 1848. This war was fought because the U.S. was attempting to buy Texas, but Mexico found this purchase disrespectful to their country so they declared war. The result of this battle ended up with America getting Texis, New Mexico, and California.
  • Invention

    The gyroscope was invented in 1852 by Leon Foucault. leon was a French Physicist. He used this invention to investigate the rotation of the earth. The gyroscope would maintain its current position even when the earth rotates. *Unknown date of creation*
  • President

    Abraham Lincoln was the 16 president and served one term from March 4, 1861 till the day he was assassinated which was April 15, 1865. Abraham's entire presidency was clouded by civil wars. Abraham also ended slavery during his time as president. He has been credited for making the republican party stronger.
  • War

    The Civil War was fought between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865. The Civil War was mostly fought between the northern and southern states over slavery. Northern states did not want slavery and the southern states did want slavery. The end result of of the Civil War meant slavery would be abolished in the southern states. This war also ended with the Confederate states splitting up.
  • Inventions

    The very first automobile was produced by two people who oth lived in Germany, but never actually met each other. Their names were Karl Friedrich Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. Both of these men filed a patent on the same exact day. (January 29, 1886) These automobiles were gasoline powered. Karl's first design for his automobile was based on a tricycle.