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Technology over time.

By Moeodeh
  • Movie theater invention

    Movie theater invention
    A device was made to entertain people
  • First invention of the TV

    First invention of the TV
    The system was designed by philo Taylor.
  • First upgrade.

    First upgrade.
    The first upgrade they did to the TVs is add colors to them.
  • Gaming monitor invention

    Gaming monitor invention
    The monitor was invented for video games.
  • 2nd upgrade for the TVs

    2nd upgrade for the TVs
    Sounds was approved for TVs
  • Smartphones invention

    Smartphones invention
    The smart phone was made to make calls with out having a hard time finding a phone
  • Smart TVs invention.

    Smart TVs invention.
    A smart TV that was invented with better quality and sounds.
  • Gaming monitor 1st upgrade

    Gaming monitor 1st upgrade
    The monitor had a better upgrade that added better graphics and sounds for the players.