Technology in Time: Biomimicry

  • Mar 26, 1488

    Flying Machine

    Leonardo Da Vinci studies birds to design a flying machine.
  • Wright Brother's Airplane

    Pigeon observation lead to the first flying machine.
  • First Shinkansen Train

    The first Shinkansen railways and trains were made and run in Japan.
  • Otto Schmitt coins "Biomimicry"

    "The transfer of ideas and analogues from biology to technology."
  • Biomimicry Becomes a Science

    Janine Benyus' "Biomimicry: Innoavtion Inspired by Design" takes biomimicry to a science.
  • Biomimicry Guild

    A company founded on biomimicry that consults architecture firms, design studios, and other manufacturers.
  • The Lotus Effect

    By studying the lotus flower, paint and other materials were made with small bumps like the lotus to stay clean.
  • The Biomimicry Institute

    The world's first biomimicry institute was founded in 2005 by Janine Benyus.
  • Biomimicry Guild Alliance with global achitecture firm HOK

    This alliance made way for the expansion of mainstream bio-inspired designs.
  • DSSC or dye-sensitized solar cell

    Professor Michael Graetzel from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne applied leaves' ability to capture sunlight during photosynthesis in solar cells.
  • "Artificial Life"

    Craig Venter and his team successfully transfer a genome into another organism.
  • Gecko Tape

    The ability to have have super sticky feet while being able to walk normally inspired scientists to create reapplyable tape.
  • Velcro

    George De Mestral invents the "Hook and Loop" fastener, Velcro.