Technology in the 1960's

By AS3207
  • The LASER

    The LASER was invented byTheodore Maiman. It is now used to read blue-ray. LASER is an ancronym and stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
  • The PDP-1

    The PDP was the first mini computer on the market. It was short for Programmable Data Processor. It is what started the culture of hacking. it contained the hardware for the first game "Spacewar".
  • The first robot

    This was the first time that a robot was created for the use in a factory. It was used to help manufactre GM cars. It weighed 4,000 pounds.
  • The first typewriter

    The IBM typewriter was made to make writing faster and much neater. It also was used to save paper. It had the same pattern of keys that we use today.
  • The trans-continental telegraph

    The first trans-continental telegraph line was used so that a person could talk across the ocean with a telegraph. It was much more reliable than using a wireless reciever. The United States Postal Service spent 40,000 dollars a year on telegraph lines.
  • Mariner II

    This sattelite was launched toward Venus with a Motorola transmitter on it. This was so that it could communicate with NASA. This sattelite even had a microwave
  • Space War

    This was tyhe first game invented for computers. It was invented by Steve Russel. It took 200 hours to write the whole game.
  • The first cassette tape

    The cassette tape was invented by aguy named Phillip.Thia tape was first made to let people listen to pre-recorded music. they were first sold in Europe.
  • AT&T Sattelite

    This Sattlite was known as the Telstar I. It was the first sattelite for communication. It was sent up by the Thor-Delta.
  • The first computerized enclypedia.

    The first computerized enclypedia was made to make life easier for people who didn't like to look up something in a thick book. It was first known as Interpedia. That was because it was on the internet.
  • AT&T starts monitering calls

    This phone was invented to stop people from hacking into other people's phones. They would not have to pay so they got free calling. Many people were caught after the invention of this phone.
  • The game Pong

    The home version of the game was first released near christmas time. This was so that more people would buy them for presents. It was sold only through the store Sears.
  • GPS

    This is when the GPS became avaible for commercial use. It was thought up after the sputnik was put in space. This is because it confirmed that they were reliable for everyday use.
  • "Chase"

    This is considered th first game that you could play on your TV. This game was invented by a guy named Ralph Baer. He came up with the idea when he was working for a television company.
  • The first internet sent message

    This was the first time that a letter was sent by the internet. It was at 10:30 pm and it crashed the internet. The letters it sent were"L" and "O".
  • Trinitron

    This was the first moniter that sony made for a computer. It was the first one that gave a lifelike image. It was 25% brighter than most common monitors.
  • DRAM

    The Dynamic Random Acecss Memory or DRAM is the first PC. It is the most commonly found modules in PC. It needs new electricity every few milliseconds.
  • Compuserve

    Compuserve is the first online service site. It was made in colombus Ohio. It was consumer information service in the whole world.
  • Internet to the public

    UCLA releases a newspaper telling the world about the internet. The internet was offically started after the first E-Mail. It's first message was sent on a Friday.
  • The first supercomputer

    This computer was invented by Semour Crey. Supercomputers are now used for predicting the weather. It was the CDC 7600.
  • The First ATM

    The first ATM was opened at 9:00 am. It was the first one in the US. It was in Rockville Center New York