Technology in 1930's

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  • Differential Analyzer

    Vannevar Bush at MIT in Boston was the inventor of the differential analyzer. A differential analyzer is a computer desinged to solve different equations by integration using wheel-and-disc mechanisms to perform the integration.
  • Polygraph Macine

    This polygraph machine had a needle instead of using paper. It ran on batteries. This unit was invented by the Metrigraph Instrument Company of Burbank, California.
  • Electron Microscope

    Germans Max Knott and Ernst Ruska co-invented the electron mircroscope in 1931. It uses an elecrton beam to illuminate a specimenand and produce a magnified image.
  • High-speed Photography

    Harold Edgerton invented the high-speed photography. He used a boy rideing a horse for his photo.
  • Stop-action Photography

    Harold Edgerton invented the stop-action photography. This is mostly used in animation, which allows an inanimate object to move.
  • Electric Razor

    The prodducion of the electric razor. Jacob Schick's invention helped people by making shaving go faster.
  • Desk Phone

    The Desk Phone was invented. To use the Desk Phone you have to use the buttons at different times unlike today's.
  • BBC Television

    England was the first regular TV broadcasts in London. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • FM Broadcasting

    FM broadcasting was invented by a guy named Edwin H. Armstrong. They created it so people have a bigger range of stations they can listen to.
  • Rail Transport

    Everyone started to use trains to make their trip faster. The Zephyr made the longest time which was 1015 miles long. It went between Denver and Chicago.
  • Chevrolet Car

    Chevrolet was improved with a master blue flame engine. Also with a pressure stam oiling and cable brakes and shcok proof steering. It costed $560 back then.
  • Emerson Radio

    In 1936 the Emerson Radio was made. The radio can be available in cabinets.
  • Turnstile Atenna

    George Brown was the inventor of the antenna. They used it in TVs and radios.
  • Jet Engine

    Sir Frank Whittle was the inventor of the jet engine. It made the jets go faster than the normal speed of a jet.
  • Photocopier

    The photocopier, copy machine, was invented by Chester Carlson. Carlson was an engineer who couldn't get a job in his field during the Great Depression, so he took work in the patent department of batter-manufacturer P.R. Mallory.