Technology History

By 15hobw1
  • Light Bulb

    The light bulb is probally something we cant possible live without. It was first invented in 1809 by Humphry Davy. But in 1875, Thomas A Edison greatly improved it, and now is probally the one who takes most of the credit of the Light Bulb.
  • Telephone

    The Telephone was first invented in March, 1976. It was one of the most famous incidents that happened in history. How the Telephone was invented was once, Alexander Graham Bell accidentily spilled acid on himself. And then called for his assistant, called Watson without realizing that his voice was being carried throught the telephone. But actually, Before that Antonio Meucci has invented the telephone, but everyone in today give all the credit to Bell for inventing the telephone.
  • Air Conditioner

    The airconditioner was first invented and used in 1902. It was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier.
  • Microwave

    The microwave is probally one of the electronics we use in our every day lives, from making food warm, to cooking food. The microwave was invented in 1940, by Percy Spencer.
  • Internet

    The internet was invented in 1950-1960, which was roughly around the time when the computer was invented. The internet was invented by many computer scientests. The first ever website on the internet was put online on Augst, 1991.
  • Printer

    The first electronic printer was first used in 1953. It was invented by Remington-Rand. But not long before that, in 1938, Chester Carlson invented the dry printing process, which was lately developd into a laser printer.
  • Laptop/Notebook

    The first ever laptop was invented by Adam Osborne in 1981. It was named after the creator Adam Osborne, so it was called "Osbone 1". Osborne 1 costed around 1,975, it was pretty expensive for people to afford, but still it became very successfull, and sold 10,000 Osborne 1's in a month.
  • BlackBerry

    The BlackBerry was fist invented in 1999. The first ever blackberry was the BlackBerry "Pearl" which was basicly a portable email device. Also, it included a personalized calendar, and those were the only functions the first ever blackberry included.
  • iPod

    The iPod was invented in October 23rd 2001, but was released on November 10. After the first iPod was invented, there were many new generations after that, and currently they are upto the the 6th generation, which is very different to the previous iPods. Due to the fact that it doesnt have a click wheel which includes the forward, playback, scrolling, menu, play/pause, enter button) and now is all replaced by a touch screen. Which i believe is a good thing because it is now more compact.
  • Television

    The television, or now most commonly known as the "TV" was invented by many people, but one of most greatest improvers of the television was probally Philo Farnsworth.