Technology Timeline of the 1990's

  • 1990 - Adobe Photoshop Launched

    1990 - Adobe Photoshop Launched
    In 1990 adobe Photoshop was released to the public, it was invented by two brothers Thomas and John Knoll who noticed there weren't enough photo editing features on computers and decided to make some. This invention changed our lives by changing the way photos are seen, now digital artist or photographers can take an ordinary photo and make it into the most impressive thing ever. Adobe photoshop helps reimagine the world for artist and people all over the world and shows how far tech has come.
  • 1992 - Nokia 1011 Launched

    1992 - Nokia 1011 Launched
    In 1992 the Nokia 1011 was manufactured by Nokia Germany and became the first mass-produced phone to be used on the GSM digital mobile networks. This electronic changed our lives because before this phone was produced mobile phones were huge and clunky and hard to transport but with the Nokia 1011, it was the perfect size where you could take it anywhere. As well unlike phones before the Nokia 1011 you could make calls from almost anywhere in the world.
  • 1995 - Sony PlayStation (PS1)

    1995 - Sony PlayStation (PS1)
    In 1995 Ken Kutaragi invented the Sony PlayStation, this was the first ever game console that was released by Sony and was believed to be the most important product that had been created by Sony since the Walkman. This invention changed everything for the future of gaming because this was the only game console that used CDs for video games instead of cartridges. This console changed our lives by being able to hope more for the future of gaming and wondering where games were going to take us.
  • 1998 - iMac released

    1998 - iMac released
    In 1998 apple launched the iMac which hit stores that day, this product has been a staple for Apple ever since. This product changed our lives by changing the way the Industry viewed electronics which was a beige color but after Apple released the iMac which was colorful it changed the industry to make electronics colorful and pretty. This product also changed our lives by changing the way people viewed laptops by the appearance and, how it could make our lives easier and work more efficient.
  • 1998 - Google Launched

    1998 - Google Launched
    In 1998 google was founded by American computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin, they made this while attending Stanford University California. This invention of theirs advanced our lives in ways of being able to get information very fast, before being able to get information at the tip of your finger was unbelievable you had to look through books and investigate yourself but now with google you can ask it anything and it will give you multiple answers.