Technology Changes Through 1950 to 2012

By 16yuns1
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  • Sputnik 1

    Sputnik 1
    First artificial earth satellite, launched by the Russians to explore the outerspace Earth.
  • Xerographic Office Photocopier

    Xerographic Office Photocopier
    The first Xerox photocopier, not used these days, but it photocopied things.
  • Telcan (home video recorder)

    Telcan (home video recorder)
    First homevideo recorder, it was for families and also for other uses.
  • Sketchpad

    Revolutionary drawing program made for personal uses.
  • Digital Watch

    Digital Watch
    Digital electronic watch, was used for wrist uses, shows numbers unlike analog
  • Pacman Program (Game)

    Pacman Program (Game)
    A popular game, a arcade game that ‘eats’ dots across the maze.
  • Macintosh 128K

    Macintosh 128K
    First Macintosh, was a successful home computer. Despite the size is was considered a good technology at that time.
  • Gameboy

    Gameboy is a handheld console and is used for playing multiple games with cartridges.
  • Quick Cam

    Quick Cam
    First commercial webcam, it was able to allow people to look through other places with the cam.
  • Beats

    First modern headphones that were declared as headphones that let you listen to what the artist can hear.