Technology and Simulataneous Experience

By jfontus
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    The Battle of New Orleans occurred during a time that prevented individuals from having any form simultaneous experience. This battle was fought two weeks after the Treaty of Ghent was signed. The news concerning the signing of the Treaty of Ghent reached the soldiers one week after the battle was over.
  • Sinking of the Titanic

    Sinking of the Titanic
    The sinking of the Titanic was perhaps one of the earliest examples of simultaneous experience. When the titanic initially hit the ice berg and began to sink, its captain sent out a distress message via wireless telegraph.
  • World War I Begins

    World War I Begins
    During this period, the telegraph, the portable radio, and the radio telephone were some of the forms of wireless communication that were available during this time. These technologies allowed the military to communicate with one another from distant locations.
  • Franklin D Roosevelt's Fireside Chats

    Franklin D Roosevelt's Fireside Chats
    Franklin D. Roosevelt is the first president to use the radio to talk to the American citizens. The radio allowed President Roosevelt to simultaneously communicate with people who lived at various locations throughout the United States of America.
  • First Televised Presidential Debate

    First Televised Presidential Debate
    The debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon is the first presidential debate to be televised. This debate gave its audience the opportunity to simultaneously experience this debate visually.
  • The Kennedy Assassination

    The Kennedy Assassination
    This event affected thousands because this event occurred in front of many people. Additionally, photos, videos, articles, and papers were written about this incident which were kept private until recently during the past 2 decades.
  • Collapse of the World Trade Center

    Collapse of the World Trade Center
    On September 11, an occasion of simultaneous experience occured when two planes flew into the twin towers in NY, NY. Several forms of technology were employed to facilitate simultaneous experience on this day. Immediately, newa crews fled to the scenes and within the hour television viewers across the nation and across the world had knowledge of the tragedies that had precipitated.
  • Current Examples

    Current Examples
    1.Charlie Sheen 2.Friday All of the previous examples of simultaneous experience were momentous events which changed the lives of many people. Today, simultaneous experience is more prevalent than ever. Due to new technologies like the internet, resources are cheaper and easier to find than ever. This has led to simultaneous experience of trivial events...