Technology advances since 1996

By tdubow
  • Bait car

    A bait car with gps helped catch criminals used by the law enforcenment.
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft became the worlds richest company, and most used product.
  • iBOT

    iBOT is a stable, mobile wheerchair.
  • Ipod

    The first ipod nano came out.
  • artificial liver

    The first artificial liver was made by doctors.
  • Doggles

    sunglasses for dogs came out, and was mostly used in the army.
  • toyota hybrid

    Toyota came out with the Hybrid, a more fuel effiecient car.
  • Youtube

    Youtube came out.
  • Nanowire

    The nanowire battery came out, which holds ten times more energy then graphite batterys.
  • Bionis

    Contact lens that will eventually let people search the web.
  • special fabric

    Fabrics made from raw milk is now possiple.