The Technological Progression of the 1990s

  • Human Genome Project Begins

    Human Genome Project Begins
    This international scientific research team and committee (the Human Genome Project) began with aims to map and depict the entire human genome via computer software. Originally organized by Robert Sinsheimer, the project utilizes human sampling to generate computer imaging and processing of genomes in order to understand the entire human genome as a whole species.
  • World Wide Web Language is Written

    World Wide Web Language is Written
    Tim Berners-Lee writes and establishes the World Wide Web and its HTTP and HTML languages. This was the framework and beginnings of the language that would define the world to come. It is the roots of the tree that includes ecommerce, online education, virtual business, and online video gaming. Without this essential framework, the world would look drastically different than it does today.
  • is Founded is Founded
    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos creates an online marketplace for popular goods. Beginning as a bookstore, Amazon subsequently branched out to become the largest ecommerce tycoon the world has ever known. Amazon made a two hour shopping trip to Walmart, a two minute order that will be delivered to your doorstep the next day, in our modern day. Amazon brought the store to the consumer, utilizing the internet.
  • Microsoft Introduces Windows 95

    Microsoft Introduces Windows 95
    Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his company introduced a market-bending computer operating system in 1995, entitled Windows 95. This operating system quickly became popularized, and remains as one of the only computer operating systems on the market today. It is debated on whether or not Windows has a monopoly over computer operating systems, however, because of Apple's rivaling systems, this argument is largely refuted. Windows largely shapes the face of the online world we observe today.
  • Google Begins Indexing the World Wide Web

    Google Begins Indexing the World Wide Web
    Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin began their company in 1996 with the aim of indexing nearly all just sites, links, and images. Because of their innovation, we may now search almost any just topic on the platform of Google and receive a multitude of weblinks that provide us with extensive information on the desired topic. Education, entertainment, and information subsequently became readily available at the fingertips of users.