technological changes

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  • Robots and artificial intelligence.

    Robots and artificial intelligence.
    The term robot was used in 1920 by the Czechoslovakian playwright Karel Capek, although it was not created here.
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    technological changes

    explain the evolution that technology has had.
  • Genetic engineering.

    Genetic engineering.
    the secret of DNA was unraveled, this was done by watson and crick,in addition to that, they demonstrated the function of DNA
  • Organ transplants

    Organ transplants
    Dr. Murray performed the transplant of a kidney from one body to another, the response to this was positive, because the recipient's body (who received the kidney) accepted the kidney as if it were its own.
  • the first real industrial robot

    the first real industrial robot
    was made by george devol, this artifact is a programmable manipulator that is controlled automatically
  • Nuclear power

    Nuclear power
    the first nuclear plant was ignited, in calder hall
  • creation of the artificial intelligence laboratory

    creation of the artificial intelligence laboratory
    Thanks to the creation of the first robot in 1954, the institute of technology created its artificial intelligence laboratory, where it sought to imitate the hands and the human mind
  • Space flight.

    Space flight.
    supposedly the first men reached the moon. That assumption was the cause of the boom and technological and scientific growth that helped its evolution, due to the creation of artifacts that would be necessary on the trip to the moon (never really true, the Americans of 50 years ago will be very disappointed to learn that man never actually went to the moon)
  • Electronic funds transfer.

    Electronic funds transfer.
    a paperless bank transfer system was created between the federal reserve bank of san fransico and the branch in los angeles.
  • Mobile phones.

    Mobile phones.
    the first phone call was made in 1973 by martin cooper
  • Genetic engineering.

    Genetic engineering.
    The first organism with combined DNA from different species was built, it was made by Boyer and Cohen.
  • nuclear power fusion

    nuclear power  fusion
    It was made at the Three Mile Island Reactor in Pennsylvania.
  • Personal computers.

    Personal computers.
    It is a type of microcomputer designed in principle to be used by a single person. Typically, the acronym PC refers to IBM PC compatible computers.
  • digital media

    digital media
    It was the launch of photoshop 1.0.