Technological Advancements in the 1960's

By khbrown
  • Telstar 1

    Telstar 1
    Telstar 1 was the first commercial satellite. It was created by a partnership between Bell Labs, NASA, AT&T, UK's General Post Office, and France Telecom. Through it we received the first transatlantic TV feed. Satellites are used for phone calls, faxes, and TV pictures.
  • Red LEDs

    Red LEDs
    Nick Holonyak Jr. is the inventor of red LEDs. They were used in alphanumeric displays, calculators, and as indicator lights. This led to the invention of other LEDs which are used in so many things that illuminate such as smartphones and dashboards in cars.
  • BASIC Programming Language

    BASIC Programming Language
    BASIC programming language was invented by John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz. It's an acronym for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It allowed people to communicate directly with the computer and for computing processes to happen simultaneously.
  • DRAM Chip - Dynamic Random Access Memory

    DRAM Chip - Dynamic Random Access Memory
    The DRAM chip was invented by Robert H. Dennard. It increased memory capacities of computers at a cheaper price, which allowed for more people and businesses to use it and be more efficient in their work.
  • Network Control Protocol

    Network Control Protocol
    Network Control Protocol was invented by a team of researchers which included Lawrence Roberts. It was a way to quickly and easily share data between computers, and essentially the first version of the internet, which most people use in their everyday lives today.