Tech Bubble 1997-2006

  • Period: to

    Tech Bubble

  • Websites Start Selling Stock

    Sites including Amazon,Boo, Pets, etc. became availavble on the market to assist in pulling it out of the recession.
  • Payout

    16 dot com companies were each paid over 2 million in 30 seconds.
  • NASDAQ Peaked

    With the NASDAQ peak stocks were at a high. Stock markets in industrialized nations saw equity value rise rapidly in the more recent Internet sector.
  • Bubble Bursts

    NASDAQ fell one thousand points. It rebounded in the next few days but it was the most volatile influx in the NASDAQ history.
  • 911

    The terrorist attacks killed 700 employees in the World Trade Center excellerrated the drop.
  • Dot-bombs

    By the end of 2001 the dot com companies ceased trading after burning through their venture capital, many never making a profit. These company fails were referred to as dot-bombs
  • CEO Fire

    CEOs of many successful dot com companies were convicted of fraud and conspiracy. Further hurting the decline of the tech boom.
  • Survivors

    Some besites survived but such as Amazon but had heavy losses. Amazon who experienced $107 shares during the bubble were down to $7 a share.