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Taylor Swift Timeline

  • Taylor's Born

    Taylor's Born
    Taylor Swift informationTaylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989. She was born in Wymossing, PA
  • Taylors' first performance

    Taylors' first performance
    At age 10, Taylor had her first real performance on a stage.
  • Taylors' first guitar

    Taylors' first guitar
    When Taylor was 12 years old she recieved a guitar for Christmas. She says that " it was my favorite present that year.
  • Taylor Starts writing songs

    Taylor Starts writing songs
    When Taylor was 12 years old she started writing her own songs.
  • Taylors first deal

    Taylors first deal
    When she was 13, Taylor was signed to a major label but she decided to walk away because she wanted to find some place that would really put a lot of time and care into her album
  • Taylors first record deal

    Taylors first record deal
    October 24, 2006 she released her debut album, Taylor Swift which include her first single, Tim McGraw. The album peaked at #1 on US Country Chart and #5 on Billboard Chart. Up to this day, this album has been certified 3x platinum.
  • Country Music Association Awards

    Country Music Association Awards
    In 2007 Taylor Swift attended the Country Music Association Awards. She recieved the "Horizon Award".
  • Taylors' holiday collection is released

    Taylors' holiday collection is released
    In 2007 Taylors' "Sound Of the Seasons: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection"
  • "Fearless"

    In the year 2008 Taylor Swift released her album "Fearless"
  • Teen Choice Awards

    Taylor Swift attended the Teen Choice Awards. She won an award for 'Teen Breakout Artist"
  • Academy of Country Music Awards

    Academy of Country Music Awards
    In 2008 Taylor Swift attended The Academy Of Country Music Awards. She won "Top New Female Vocalist Award".
  • Taylor Swifts first tour.

    Taylor Swifts first tour.
    In January of 2009 Taylor decided to go on her first tour for her album "Fearless"
  • 5.5 Million Copies

    5.5 Million Copies
    As of March 2011 Taylor Swift has sold over 5.5 million copies and is still selling more.
  • Taylor Swift sang at the grammys, and won one of them

    Taylor Swift sang at the grammys, and won one of them
    Taylor went to the grammys expecting to just be singing, but then unexpectedly she won a grammy award, she won album of the year for her album "Fearless" and she also won for best female country vocal performance for her song "White Horse"
  • Where is she today?

    Where is she today?
    today taylor swift is 22 years old. She has won multiple grammies and is having a great time on her tour.