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Taylor Swift

  • Taylor signs with her first record company

    Taylor signs with her first record company
    At age 15 Taylor Swift signed her first recording contract with Big Machiene Records and was hired as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music. She was the youngest songwriter to ever be hired at Sony ("Taylor Swift"). (Mayor)
  • Taylor releases first album

    Taylor releases first album
    At the age of 16 Taylor released her first self-titled album. Her album sold more than 2.5 million copies. This album featured her first hit single "Tim McGraw" which she wrote during her freshman year math class. "Tim McGraw" hit No. 6 on the Billboard Hot Country songs chart. "Taylor Swift"
  • Taylor wins CMA's Top New Female Vocalist

    Taylor's acceptance speech ("Taylor Swift" -People.com)
  • Taylor Releases second album "Fearless"

    Taylor Releases second album "Fearless"
    Fearless was ranked No. 1 album for more than six straight weeks. This album featured Taylor's hit single "Love Song" (Taylor Swift). This double platinum album (which features a few songs about her famous ex, Joe Jonas) debuted atop the Billboard 200 (Waterman). ("Taylor Swift" - Taylor Swift)
  • Taylor wins at VMA's

    Taylor wins at VMA's
    You Belong With Me Music Video Taylor swift wins "Best Female Music Video" for her song, "You Belong With Me" (Milliken)
  • Taylor at the CMA's

    Taylor at the CMA's
    At the Country Music Awards in 2009, Taylor, only 19, was nominated for eight awards and took home four of those awards. The awards she won included album of the year for Fearless and entertainer of the year. This also made Taylor the youngest winner ever of these awards. ("Taylor Swift" - People.com)
  • Taylor wins Grammy's

    Taylor wins Grammy's
    Taylor won four awards including Album of the Year. Taylor is a seven-time Grammy winner and the youngest person to win album of the year. (Sales) (Orloff)
  • Taylor's first movie

    Taylor's first movie
    Valentine's Day clipTaylor was on the big screen for her first time ever when she played the role of Taylor Laughtner's girlfriend in the movie Valentines Day ("Taylor Swift" - People.com). ("Valentine’s Day (2010).")
  • Taylor releases third album "Speak Now"

    Taylor releases third album "Speak Now"
    This album hit the 1 million first weeks sales figure. This album also topped the Billboard 200 Albums Chart for six weeks. She became the first artist since the Beatles to log six or more weeks at #1 with three consecutive studio albums ("Taylor Swift"). ("Taylor Swift." - Taylor Swift).
  • Taylor becomes the face of CoverGirl

    Taylor becomes the face of CoverGirl
    In 2010 Taylor becomes one of the few celebrities to become the face of CoverGirl makeup. ("CoverGirl Withdraws ‘Enhanced’ Taylor Swift Ad.")
  • Taylor is a CMA winner - She wins her 2nd Entertainer of the Year Award

    Taylor is a CMA winner - She wins her 2nd Entertainer of the Year Award
    During Taylor's acceptance speech she gave thanks to many people including an eighteen year old boy from New Jersey who was battling cancer, This boy started a campaign on Facebook to bring Taylor Swift to his senior prom. When Taylor heard about this story, she offered to take him as her date to the awards show that night, but he ended up in the hospital and was unable to attend. She made sure to mention him in her acceptance speech (Gilbert) (Diamond/Getty)
  • Taylor releases fourth album, RED

    Taylor releases fourth album, RED
    This album sold more than 1.2 million copies in the U.S. the first week. RED scored the highest debut of any album of the decade. The single "We Are Never Getting Back Together" set a record for the largest digital sales in a week ever for a song by a woman ("Taylor Swift " - Taylor Swift).