Tax Marketing

  • Period: to

    Revise tax & voucher forms

  • Period: to

    Marketing collateral

    Develop marketing collateral including: cards+posters, presentations, PSA contest flyers, posters, emails, ad(?)
  • Period: to

    PSA Contest Packets

    Establish rules (including terms & conditions, deadlines, etc), develop information packets, distribute & advertise
  • Revised Forms

    Add informational content to existing filing & voucher forms
  • Period: to

    Instructional videos

    Develop instructional videos for tax website
  • PSA Contest Packets

    Develop informational packets for PSA contest
  • PSA Contest website

    Develop PSA contest website with contest rules, and other info, e.g., data
  • GE Taxes

  • PSA Contest Kickoff

  • PSAs Due

  • Period: to

    Review/judge PSAs

  • Announce PSA winners!

  • GE Taxes