TAPS Events

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  • Republican National Convention

    Despite the fact that the Republican challenger to the President, Mitt Romney, was known for months, he was only officially nominated during the convention. Amidst all of the pomp and frills fo the affair, Mitt Romney and his Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, delivered speeches intended to garner votes and to lay out the course that they hope the country will follow.
  • Democratic National Convention

  • Third Presidential Debate

    This last debate between President Barack Obama and the Republican challenger Mitt Romney will be focused on foreign policy, which is especially important after the attacks in Libya and other Arabic and African states a few weeks ago.
  • Third Party Presidential Debate

    Because the Presidential debates hav only had candidates from the two main parties since 1996, the third party candidates have had to go to other debates to make their message heard. So, Larry King has decided to moderate a debate between Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Rocky Anderson (Justice Party), Jill Stein (Green Party), and Virgil Goode (Constitution Party).
  • TAPS Meeting

    If you want to learn more about politics, then you should come to the next TAPS meeting, which is taking place on Tuesday, October 23 at 12:20 PM in Mrs. Liebson's room. Minutes will be here after the meeting has taken place.
  • Heinrich/Wilson Senate Debate

    In this fourth and final time, Heather Wilson, former US representative of the first district, and Martin Heinrich, current US representative of the first district, face off on local news before the election for the Senate race on Tuesday, Nov. 6.
  • Election Day

    A major event for American democracy, not only will voters decide on the President, they will also decide for Senate and House of Representatives candidates, as well as for other local issues. This election is considered pivotal by some, as it could chart the course of the future of the nation, especially concerning the size of government in America.
  • Swearing in of members of Congress

    Any newly elected or reelected members of Congress get sworn in on this date, just weeks before the President is sworn in.
  • Inauguration of the President

    Whoever is elected (or reelected) in November will be inaugurated as President on this day. After a day of speeches and songs and other such festivities, the president will be sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who is currently John G. Roberts.