Tang Dynasty

By naidee
  • Jan 1, 621

    Battle of Hulao

  • Period: Jan 1, 624 to

    emperor Taizong's reign

  • Jan 1, 626

    Emperor Taizong's campaign against Eastern Tujue

  • Jan 1, 643

    painted portraits

    Emperor Taizong commissions artist Yan Liben to paint the portraits of 24 different emperors and 18 noted scholars for the Portraits at Lingyan Pavilion.
  • Jan 1, 656

    medical document

    Emperor Gaozong commissions the compilation of a large materia medica documenting the use of 833 medicinal drugs.
  • Jan 1, 666

    south pointing chariot

    Two Chinese Buddhist monks, Zhi Yu and Zhi You, craft a mechanical South Pointing Chariot for Japanese Emperor Tenji.
  • Jan 1, 700

    astronomical chart

    Approximate date for the creation of the Dunhuang map, an astronomical chart
  • Period: Jan 1, 710 to Nov 4, 716

    Emperor Ruizong's reign

  • Jan 1, 712

    Pear Garden, an Academy of Music that trained acting troupes.

  • Period: Jan 1, 717 to Jan 1, 755

    Emperor Xuanzong's reign

  • Jan 1, 725


    Yi Xing invents a water-powered celestial globe featuring an escapement mechanism and striking clock.
  • Jan 1, 751

    Battle of Talas

    Battle of Talas; this battle marks the beginning of the westward transmission of the ancient Chinese papermaking process.
  • Period: Jan 1, 756 to Jan 1, 761

    Emperor Suzong's reign

  • Jan 1, 757

    Battle of Suiyang

  • Period: Jan 1, 762 to

    Emperor Daizong's reign

  • Nov 4, 763

    Shi Siming is killed by his son. The An Lushan Rebellion ends.

  • Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar

  • Nestorian Stone is composed.

  • Prince Li Gao has the first Chinese paddle-wheel ships made

  • tongdian

    Compilation of the Tongdian history and encyclopedia by Du You is complete.
  • money troubles

    A Uyghur Turk sues the son of a Tang grand general who had failed to repay a debt of 11 million government-issued copper coins. Emperor Wenzong hears the news and is so upset that he not only banishes the general, but also attempts to ban all trade between Chinese and foreigners except for trade in livestock. This ban is unsuccessful and trade with foreigners resumes, especially in maritime affairs overseas.
  • Great Anti-Buddhist Persecution

  • grand canal flood

    An enormous flood along the Grand Canal and on the North China Plain kills tens of thousands of people.
  • end of tang Dynasty

    Zhu Wen overthrows the Tang Dynasty and initiates the Later Liang
  • Huang Chao Rebellion

  • Period: to Jan 1, 624

    emperor Gaozu's reign

  • Period: to

    emperor Gaozong's reign

  • Period: to

    Wu Zetian's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Zhongzong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Xianzong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Jingzong

  • Period: to

    Emperor Wenzong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Dezong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Wuzong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Xuānzong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Yizong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Xizong's reign

  • Period: to

    Emperor Ai's reign