Tang and Islamic World

  • Dec 3, 622

    Travel to Medina (islam)

    Muhammad flees to Medina from Mecca
  • Dec 3, 632

    Death of Muhammad (Islam)

    Muhammad (founder of Islam) died
  • Dec 3, 633

    Caliphs (Islam)

    Shortly after Muhammad died, Abu Bakr, his father-in-law, took over Islam
  • Dec 3, 661

    Spread of Islamic Land (Islam)

    Under the Umar Caliph, Muslim armies conquered most of Persia
  • Dec 3, 666

    Equal Field System (Tang)

    Tang Dynasty began to distribute land evenly and avoid the concentration of land to a single person.
  • Dec 3, 716

    Invasion (Islam)

    The muslim invaded Constantinople
  • Rebellion (Tang)

    Huang Chao rebelled because the central government in the Tang dynasty was too powerful.
  • First Emporor (Tang)

    Li Yuan founded and began the Tang Dynasty and unified China
  • New Emporor (Tang)

    Li Shimin declared himself emporor of the Tang Dynasty
  • Completing the Temple (Tang)

    The Longmen Grottoes were completed and flourished in the Tang Dynasty
  • Only Female Emporor (Tang)

    Empress Wu Zetian became the first and only female emporor in China
  • Gunpowder (Tang)

    The Tang Dynasty invents and uses gunpowder in military
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    Tang Dynasty

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