Syrian Uprising

Timeline created by kp19187
  • 12 Protesters Dead

    12 Protesters Dead
    During the protest in Latakia at least twelve protesters were supposedly killed by the security forces as said by the citizens and onlookers. The president ignored the event and didn't do anything to stop them or give any sort of command and take control, The citizens were angered by Assad's silence and ignorance on the seriousness of the crisis. I feel like this was important to add because this shows how their own president isn't taking action for his people's safety, not very leader-like.
  • Syrian soldiers shot for not following orders

    Syrian soldiers shot for not following orders
    Soldiers were shot at by security forces for not following orders of them shooting at the protesters. Some are blaming the activist on being armed and then shooting at them in self defense. There are many different stories but the protesters claim soldiers were shot at by the security forces. It is important to source this because it shows how not even the military has a say on the orders given to them.
  • People shot at during funerals

    People who were killed on Saturday were being mourned on Sunday by their families. I thought it was important to include this because it shows how heartless they are.
  • Syria becomes more brutal

    Syria becomes more brutal
    The soldiers start using tanks during protests, many are reported killed and many more are arrested. I thought this was important to add because this is when the soldiers and goverment start turning on their own people in a more unhuman and brutal way.
  • Unrest of the Middle East

    Unrest of the Middle East
    Six more protesters are killed and Hilary Clinton speaks about the issue in Syria. This was an important to include because it shows how the US started to draw some attention to the brutality of their government.