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  • Hamza al-Kgatib

    Hamza al-Kgatib
    Throughout this article it explains how innocent people are getting killed for protesting. Hamza, a little boy, got tortured to death and returned to his family. The article explains that the boy was only trying to get freedom. The article stood out to me becuase this shows that things are getting bad if little kids are getting hurt. In America this would never happen to anyone, they migh get in trouble for vandalism, but not killed!
  • Forces Act

    Forces Act
    During this time in the revolution Military are starting to act back against the protesters. Many people are getting killed by guns and weapons, putting the country in much danger. This article is important because it shows everyone how Syria is reacting to protesters. This gives people from the outside a view of what is going on and how lucky we are that our government does not do that. It also gives a perspective on what the protesters need to do next time to keep themselves safer.
  • Protesters Hope

    Protesters Hope
    After the death of Gaddafi Syrian protesters aren't letting anything stop them. Now that Syrians know it is possible they have hope that they can get Bushar out! I really like this artivle because it makes you see the world coming together. Without Gaddafi getting killed no ones knows how long Syria would hve taken to finally had enough. I really like how this article proves that the world needs each other to makes things happen and that we learn from others. Gaddafi saved a lot of Syrians time!
  • Military Crackdown

    Military Crackdown
    In Syria military members are starting to come in towns and kill protesters and the children in the area. More than 3500 people have been killed for protesting. This article is important to see how the military is reacting to protesters. It is sad that they are taking over schools anf hurting th lives of innocent children. I can't imagine being at school and military people coming in and hurting anyone, they are my role models and are to many people.
  • Military VS. Security Forces

    Military VS. Security Forces
    In this article the military and the police are turning against each other. This means that they are having a disagreement on how to react making them fight and leaving civilians without any protections. This is important because it shows that the government is losing power. Both the military and the police are under the governments power, if they are fighting it proves they are not listening to the government. The government losing power plays a huge role on what will happen in the future!