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SVU Timeline

  • SVU Premiere Date

    SVU Premiere Date
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  • B.D. Wong Introduced

    B.D. Wong Introduced
    B. D. Wong is added to the opening credits this season as Dr. George Huang
  • Weak

    They have very few leads when they are introduced to yet another victim, one who is disoriented and schizophrenic. Unable to understand or control her, they bring her to a nearby mental hospital where we meet Dr. Hendrix, a woman who went to the academy with Olivia but chose the medical field for her ultimate career path.
  • Avatar Episode

    Avatar Episode
    Rachel's father went to the news to offer a reward for the return of his daughter. The SVU were swamped with calls wanting the reward money. One of Rachel's closest friends, Ginger, called the detectives telling them Rachel might have slipped into another "universe". The detectives rushed to Ginger's loft to listen to her story.
  • Missing Pieces

    Missing Pieces
    After 272 episodes of solving especially vexing murders, Detective Elliot Stabler and NBC couldn't crack the Case of the 13th Season Contract. And so after years of primetime glory, crime fighting and an Emmy nomination to boot, Christopher Meloni has left the Special Victims Unit.